A schnitzel is a dish that consists of a thin piece of sliced ​​roast pork , chicken or veal. The schnitzel is the best known variety. It is traditionally made from lean veal roast or ‘Kaiser Teil ” from the hind leg of the animal. The meat is beaten down to about the size of a spread hand and then ‘coated’ with flour, egg and breadcrumbs in a centimeter deep layer of lard or oil, quickly fried and served with lemon. The dish is still served in this way in restaurants in Vienna . This method of cooking meat is however not of Viennese origin, but from Italy and was adopted by the Viennese. The Italians in turn had taken it from Ottoman cuisine. In the home kitchen, the schnitzel is usually not cooked in a thick layer of fat, but just baked.
( Source: Wikipedia )